What people have said about Hypnotherapy

"Tina's hypnotherapy sessions changed my life - for the better. Tina is a superb practitioner of this very gentle yet powerful therapy and a lovely, trustworthy person. Book her - let her transform your life."
Ann D, Camberley

"Tina is very approachable and has a wonderful nature and outlook on life in general. She knows what she is doing and takes the time to make sure its the right thing for you. I am very happy with the results of my Hypnotherapy sessions and have thoroughly enjoyed them too. I would recommend Tina to colleagues, friends and family alike (and already have)."
Billie S, Bracknell

"… it was relaxing and I was aware throughout which made me feel safe. In this pleasant state I was able to confront my fears and anxieties. An added bonus was the 'Emotional Freedom Technique' Tina showed me, which I now use by myself whenever I feel the need. I am really grateful for the help I received from Tina and would highly recommend her to everyone. "
Felicity Lettington, Head Teacher

"Being new to hypnosis, Tina's sense of humour and easy going manner helped me feel I was in safe and expert hands and that it was going to be fun. I can honestly say I have never experienced such a wonderfully relaxed state before. My sense of well being and renewed energy was just what I was looking for. I highly recommend Tina to anyone considering hypnosis to improve their lives."
David Griffiths, Bristol

"Tina, thanks for the work you did with me last week. Within a few minutes of meeting you, I felt comfortable in your presence. I am very impressed that you only needed 1 session to turn my problem around, a problem I should point out that has been with me for many years. Thank you."
Alison, North Cheam

"Tina has the great ability of being a good listener and then asks you the questions that you hadn't realised you needed to answer. The hypnosis for me has worked well allowing me to take control over my chocolate 'addiction' which was out of control and given me a better attitude towards food."
Debbie, Maidenhead

"BTW, I had forgotten I'd made a list, which I'd left at home about all the good things that have happened as a result of less drinking.
No snoring, More positive outlook, More sex (yippee!), Seem happier, smile more, Warmer hands/feet, More interest in food, More money in bank, Not so much chinking of empty bottled in recycle bin each morning, Sleep better and Wake up feeling refreshed, More energy, Less blood sugar problems and Better blood results
And that's just in two weeks - can't wait for the next two!
Thank you so much for your help "

SM, Haslemere


What people have said about Time Line work

“Fantastic… quick, easy and painless and very effective…”
DA, Ruislip

“Wish I had known about this before and then I might not have had to endure and pay for years of therapy!”
TW, London

“I didn’t know what to expect but what I can tell you is that Tina’s empathetic approach and discussions helped to clear up a number of pretty major issues”
SS, Ascot